One day a giant asteroid crashes on earth and brings a global meteor shower that gets witnessed by every human on the planet, including the blind.

Strange events started happening after that, all recorded faithfully by the Quentista.

Table of Contents

1: The Giant Nose

A giant nose appears in the sky

2: Playstation 4

A young man buys a second-hand Playstation 4

3: Sidequest

A young wife decides to do only sidequests in a video game

4: Prof. Banlaoi's Course on Making Very Long Sentences

A course on making very long sentences

5: The Great Singapore Zombie Infestation

An outbreak of zombies in Singapore

6: Uncle from Nintendo

A boy demands for an uncle from Nintendo

7: Portable Hard Disk

A young man buys a portable hard disk

8: The iPhone

A young man buys an iPhone

9: The Devil's Condominium

A couple rents a unit in the Devil's Condominium

10: Prof. Banlaoi's Course on Hiring an Assistant

A course on hiring an assistant

11: The Nintendo Switch

A young man buys a Nintendo Switch

12: Wagyu Beef

A couple tries a Wagyu Beef restaurant

13: The Laptop

A student receives a brand new laptop

14: The 3DS

A young man buys a Nintendo 3DS

15: Ernst Watson's Final Report

A special agent's final report on a secret project